Strong, reliable Post & Rail Fences

protect your livestock

Briefly state how you can build your clients a fence that could protect their livestock while upllifting their rural setting. 

  • Post and single rail (photo)
  • Post and 2 rail (photo)
  • Post and 3 rail (photo)

Quality FENCE Materials                                           

Briefly state materials used and why. Are the materials eco-friendly?

  • Treated timber posts to increase durability & resistance
  • Do you offer electrical wire to prevent stock rubbing against it?
  • text


Write a brief overview of the fencing law and why it could affect them.
Waikato Building Consents - Do I require a building consent?

Hamilton City Council - Processes & Requirements for Building

Waikato Building Consents - Everything you need to know about building consents

Parlimentary Council Office - Fencing Act 1978

Build Waikato - Application for Building Consent



Brief overview about how the following information could help them.

Legislation New Zealand - Sample Fencing Agreement