Commercial & Residential Retaining Walls

Hamilton Fencing specializes in building durable retaining walls.

To date our team has worked on many commercial and residential retaining wall projects, including large scale sub-divisions and council developments and have built a solid reputation for designing attractive retaining wall solutions, delivered on time and to budget.

We design retaining walls that specifically suits your needs, taking into account any structural requirements and material considerations, while also providing cost effective options.

We are also experts at building engineered retaining walls and can advise when engineering assistance is required when stability is a concern and can also level ground as necessary with our excavation equipment.


Why should you call Hamilton Fencing for your retaining wall projects?

  • We can level your site – increasing the value of your property and making mowing and landscaping easier
  • Our retaining walls are designed to be both attractive and practical
  • We can replace or strengthen your old wall if cost is a concern
  • Our experience means we can select the right materials / method for the job and can offer advice on solutions if needed.


  • Landscape Retaining Walls – enhance your property with a retaining wall design
  • Engineered Retaining Walls – tailor-made site solutions for your property.


We only use treated timber suitable for contact with soil.


building consent Information

Any retaining wall over 1.5 metres high requires an engineer and building consent.

If you have any questions regarding compliance, please give us a call, we are only too happy to provide advice.

Otherwise, the following guides may be useful:

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Hamilton City Council - Processes & Requirements for Building

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Parlimentary Council Office - Fencing Act 1978

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